Friday, 22 June 2012

Beyond The Beach - Short Film

A few days ago, me and 2 mates decided to go for a day trip to the beach and shoot a short film. It's pretty weird and somewhat 'experimental' but its come together so much better than I thought it might. We have an amazing knack for setting out to do something and ending up, just messing about and having a drink instead haha.

So....we took 3 beers ONLY! and set about shooting whats turned out to be a really impressive little piece in my view. No additional equipment, stabilisation, extra lenses etc... just my friends, a Canon 550D and a 50mm lens. It really is amazing what you can get out of cheap cameras these days. It never fails to astound me....and im not easily astounded. In fact I very rarely use the word 'astounded'

The film follows a man trapped on a beach (possibly inside his own mind) we dont have to work that one out for yourself. I've never been a huge fan of simplistic films, Ok im a sucker for Toy Story but films in general need to ask questions, I made a decision a long time ago that I would never make a film I didn't want people to take something important from. Films are about making you think, making you feel and should leave you with questions....spoon feeding an audience is my opinion is boring.

This all sounds like a sort of get out clause for this film being slightly....odd. Well it is odd and it does require a little thought and a little imagination. But I love it.

Big thanks to Dave and John for a top day out and to the co-writer Shawn for helping me come up with the idea at 2am the night before.

Click the link and enjoy!!

Beyond The Beach

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