Thursday, 31 May 2012

LIS From the River to Suburbia - Grading

Thought I'd post some screen shots of the grading i've been doing on the film i'm working on at the moment. Its for a very good friend of my girlfriends, her names Alicia (or Lis) and she's an actress. As you can see she's quite pretty and looks awesome on camera. The idea behind the film is fairly simple, 1 girl, a cloak and 2 vastly different locations. One, a peaceful, calm and serene river side and the other, a run down, inner city wasteland.

I've been doing a lot of test grades for this, trying out a few different looks, first shot I went for had some glare from the sun coming through the tree. It washed out some of the colour and contrast of the shot and actually really helped create a vintage look. I decided this was the way to go with this film, for the river section anyway.

Few different looks here, but hey, i'm testing stuff out....I love them all. This may take a while

Let me know what you think....

Thanks guys

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