Sunday, 7 February 2016

Latest work, the Sony A6000 and the fantastic looking predecessor.

Good day people of the internet, the last few months have been a bit manic as i've been away a lot working and haven't had time to update this as much as i'd want. However I have a nice quiet Sunday, catching up on accounts, so I thought i'd write a bit of an update on latest work, particularly with my lovely little Sony A6000

I've been away on various shoots the last few months in London and Venice and shot almost exclusively with my Canon C100 so when i'm home and working on smaller shoots or personal projects I like to break out the A6000 and be a little more discreet.

I love the images this camera can produce with video and the stills are unbelievable as well. I've used it lately for 2 small projects. One for a friend of mine Alicia and her little boy and another for another friend and aspiring model, Emi. Video stills and links below, check them out after my mini 4K rant below.



So, a lot of people are now going down the 4K route and as its insanely cheap nowadays to do so why the hell not! I currently don't own a 4K camera and to be perfectly honest I don't absolutely NEED one, however!

Sony have just announced the new A6300 which is the update to my gorgeous A6000 and from the specs, this looks fantastic! Of course, I'm never going to fully judge a camera based on specs but I will be pre-ordering one as soon as I can (UK pricing has yet to be released) The autofocus tracking looks to have been overhauled and will be so useful for me in the kind of work I do. 4K in camera, SLOG3 and 120fps in full HD. And if it also takes the kind of stills the original

So that's the rant for today. I'll be updating again soon with a bit of info on some very close friends of mine who also happen to be a client. How I work in a documentary style situation and hopefully very soon my initial thoughts on the A6300 when I get my hands on one.

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