Sunday, 25 March 2012

Classic Car Day!

Today I realised a dream....and only in the smallest of ways. I became (in my head anyway_ Jeremy Clarkson. Headed to a classic car show a few miles away and saw some insanely sexy cars. Even my girlfriend enjoyed it, although her dad looked like he enjoyed it more.

I know its not exactly film or editing related but I thought I'd post a couple of photos anyway, including a very special moment of me with my childhood hero....a DeLorean. 3 of them to be exact and one even had a flux capacitor in it, although I doubt it actually worked.

Ford GT's, Lancie Delta Intergrale, a Jenson Interceptor (sorry about the poor photo on that one, I couldnt get a decent picture, to many people admiring) some very odd herse with spooky music playing from the coffin and even a custom Manchester City paintjob. Couldn't have asked for more.

Im after a Delta Intergrale. I know it looks like a box but that thing makes me shiver. At 5k for a halfway decent one though I would have trouble choosing between that and a load of new camera gear....any donations gratefully accepted.

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